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The ESG Weight Loss Services California Residents Trust

It is a proven fact that endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty or ESG weight loss services California residents trust, can make all the difference in terms of improving health for people who are overweight. It is important to note that this type of surgical procedure, while usually outpatient, is not for everyone who is overweight. It is essential to go through a complete and thorough screening process that helps doctors understand if the procedure will benefit an individual. In addition, those wishing to partake in the procedure must be willing to commit to changes in lifestyle as well as routine medical follow ups and even participating in behavioral therapy.


Recovery Time Is Rapid and There is Far Less Chance for Complications


This procedure is not suitable for those who have had a hernia or a condition that involves gastrointestinal bleeding like a peptic ulcer. Consulting with your medical care provider is always the first step in moving forward with this type of outpatient procedure. Because it is minimally invasive it means that recovery time is rapid and there is far less chance for complications. Those who have struggled endlessly with excess weight and obesity now have a real and viable option that can help. California ESG weight loss services that get results are literally just a call or click away when you choose to work with a trusted name in the field.


Reducing the Chances of Diabetes


The Institute of Plant-Based Medicine is one example of an outstanding option when it comes to embarking on the endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty journey. A dedicated team of professionals on staff and a commitment to healthier lifestyle means that when you are ready for endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty, the Institute of Plant-Based Medicine will help you and guide you through the entire process. From reducing the chances of diabetes to eliminating sleep apnea and preventing the dangers associated with high blood pressure, including heart disease and stroke, there are many important reasons to consider endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty weight loss services in California. To learn more, visit the Institute online or call today.