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Dr. Whitney McFadden, MD

Dr. Whitney McFadden, MD

"I help you develop greater intimacy with your body's wisdom and listen to the

physical, emotional, and social signals to pay attention to, approve of, process,

and release so that you can live with more ease, flow, and clarity.  We cater the

healing to your needs and how your body responds (anywhere from one session

to a few months.)"


Studied molecular and cell biology with an emphasis on neurobiology
(brain cells & schizophrenia genetics)


Psychiatric Genetics
Nutritional Psychiatry
Women’s and Perinatal Psychiatry
Reproductive Mental Health
Trauma in the Nervous System
Somatic Healing
Managing hormones
Impact of stressful work environments on health
Developing healthy relationships
Managing mental health balance during the pandemic

CAN See Patients in

California And Outside The United States.

Whitney McFadden is a women's psychiatrist and neuroscientist dedicated to helping women develop a relationship with their body and intimacy with their physical and emotional connection. Often physical pain can put our body and mind in a place of activation and hypervigilance. She has learned from her own healing what it's like to feel discomfort and ignore the signals that something is wrong. She has opened up to become more attuned to her body and develop a deeper knowing in what her body needs to heal. She has witnessed the healing that comes from a deep practice of the body's capacity to hold sensation and develop safety in knowing that these sensations are important and essential to feel. In her journey, she has developed a life that is full of nurturing, deep connection with others, relationship with nature, and attunement to body rhythms that serve her health and wellbeing. We can't wait to share this level of living with you all 

Dr. McFadden is a psychiatrist and neuroscientist. 
She was inspired to study psychiatry from her father who taught her and her sisters biology, how the brain works, and what it feels like to love what you do. She studied molecular and cell biology with an emphasis on neurobiology at the University of California Berkeley. She went on to the University of California San Diego for Medical School. After finding a passion in research, she went to psychiatry residency at The Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City. She completed a joint residency research program obtaining an MPhil in neuroscience studying brain cells and schizophrenia genetics. After graduating she worked at Harvard Medical School in the Department of Genetics with Dr. George Church studying genetics and schizophrenia and brain organoids. From there she began to study women’s psychiatry, reproductive mental health, hormone health, and trauma in the nervous system. She became curious about these topics to heal herself and realized how valuable they were for her family and friends. She joined a powerful women's group and saw the impact of this work on health and wellbeing. After seeing the transformation in her own life, she saw an opportunity to share this with women committed to living their life differently, healthy, aligned, and thriving