Dr. Nick Namihas, MD

Dr. Nick Namihas, MD

“Relationship-based medicine mixed with evidence-based nutrition has enabled me to help my patients reach new heights in their health. As a diabetes, hormone and metabolism specialist, I enjoy the privilege of being by my patients’ side as they normalize their blood sugar literally overnight and rapidly transform their metabolic health. I am excited to engage and empower patients to their best health with IOPBM.”




Gastroenterology Consultations



Licensed to See Patients in

California and Outside the United States.

Nicholas (Nick) Namihas, MD is  double board certified in Gastroenterology and Internal Medicine. A California native, avid cyclist and graduate of the University of California, Irvine School of Medicine, Dr. Namihas specializes in colon cancer prevention as well as the diagnosis and treatment of a broad range of GI disorders including IBS, GERD, Celiac disease, dyspepsia and colitis.

In concert with the gold-standard screening procedures of colonoscopy and/or endoscopy to diagnose various gastrointestinal conditions, Dr. Namihas champions the power of Whole Foods, diet and education regarding brain-gut interaction to help patients resolve abnormal gut function or a poorly performing GI tract.