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Dr. Arti Thangudu, MD

Dr. Arti Thangudu, MD

“Relationship-based medicine mixed with evidence-based nutrition has enabled me to help my patients reach new heights in their health. As a diabetes, hormone and metabolism specialist, I enjoy the privilege of being by my patients’ side as they normalize their blood sugar literally overnight and rapidly transform their metabolic health. I am excited to engage and empower patients to their best health with IOPBM.”




Endocrinology Consultations

Licensed to See Patients in

Texas and Outside of the United States.

 Dr. Arti Thangudu is a triple board-certified MD in endocrinology, diabetes and metabolism, internal medicine and lifestyle medicine. She is also certified in plant-based nutrition.
She started the first direct care endocrinology practice in San Antonio, called Complete Medicine, where she uses a patient-centered approach to prevent, treat and reverse chronic diseases. She specializes in all types of diabetes, thyroid diseases, obesity, high cholesterol and other hormonal and metabolic diseases. She uses telemedicine, remote monitoring of insulin pumps and continuous blood glucose monitors, up to date evidence-based medications, frequent follow up and direct physician access to optimize diabetes health and care.
She has achieved a 75% reduction in risk of diabetes complications and reduces patients' need for medications using plant-based diet and lifestyle optimization.
Dr. Thangudu received her undergraduate degree from Northwestern University, MD from the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, internship from Baylor College of Medicine, residency from Tulane University and fellowship from The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.