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Tips for Hormone Optimization

Tips for Hormone Optimization

Hormones: What do they do for us?

The five sex hormones are...


 The predominant male sex hormone. In addition to supporting libido and sex drive, testosterone restores vitality and energy levels, boosts muscle and bone mass, and helps reduce depression in both genders. In women, it can help minimize the symptoms of menopause.


The primary female sex hormone. Overall, estrogen causes an increase in body fat, stimulates collagen and bone growth, protects against heart disease and stroke, and enhances mental clarity and acuity. In men, it can make a big difference in libido, level of anxiety, and emotional stability.


Estrogen's silent partner, progesterone balances its effects. It helps maintains levels of cell oxygen, blood clotting, sugar, and even affects mood.


The "mother hormone".  It allows the production of all the other hormones. Pregnenolone increases energy, improves cognitive function, stabilizes mood, and reduces inflammation symptoms. 


DHEA enhances psychological wellbeing, alleviate depression, reduces impact of stress,  improves life satisfaction, supports productivity, and affects libido.

For optimal health, you need adequate levels of all of these vital hormones, as they play a major role in many of the major diseases and conditions plaguing Americans today.

We simply cannot have optimal health without having healthy hormones.

Tips for Hormone Optimization

The following tips will guide you toward your optimal hormone levels.

For Men


Daily shallow, intramuscular microdosing of testosterone is ideal. The starting dose depends on your baseline levels.


 Maintain progesterone levels with 50-75 mg of pregnenolone per day in capsule form.


 Take 35-50 mg of DHEA daily in capsule form.


 Take thyroid hormone in small frequent doses throughout the day. The starting dose is based on your baseline hormone levels, which must be checked by a blood test.

For Women


 Take a total of 1.25 mg of bioidentical estrogen (Bi-est, a combination of estriol and estradiol) vaginally twice a day in divided doses.


Menopausal women should take 100 mg of progesterone in capsule form at bed-time, which helps tremendously with sleep.

Progesterone/premenopause and perimenopause

Premenopause and perimenopausal women should apply 1 gram of 10 percent progesterone cream before bed daily on days thirteen through twenty-seven of the cycle (fourteen days total, with day one being the first day of menstruation). Starting on day thirteen, apply the cream to the breasts one night, the abdomen the second night, and the thighs the third night. Continue to rotate locations for the entire dosing period.


 Apply 1 mg of testosterone cream to either the labia or the clitoris daily.


Take 25-100 mg of pregnenolone in capsule form daily.


Menstruating women should take 10 mg of DHEA a day; menopausal women can take 15-20 mg of DHEA daily. In both cases, take in capsule form.

Maintaining hormone health can go a long way toward helping you stay strong, fit, and vibrant for years to come.

Dr. Angie Sadeghi, MD is an expert on hormones at IOPBM. If you want to learn more about how to unlock your full potential with hormone optimization, book your appointment with Dr. Sadeghi today!



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