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Learn About the Benefits of Colonoscopy in Orange County, Ca

Colonoscopy in Orange County, CA is a medical procedure used to examine the colon and rectum. A colonoscopy can be used to diagnose problems with the colon and rectum, such as bleeding, inflammation, or tumors. It can also be used to screen for colon cancer. During a colonoscopy, a long, flexible tube is inserted into the rectum and threaded through the colon. The tube has a light and camera on the end, which allows the doctor to see the inside of the colon. biopsies or other treatments can be performed during a colonoscopy if necessary.

Patients Do Have Many Choices Today When It Comes to This Type of Treatment

Most people tolerate colonoscopy well. Some may experience cramping or bloating during the procedure. Sedation can be used to help relieve any discomfort. The procedure is a safe and effective way to screen for colon cancer. It is important to talk to your doctor about your risks for colon cancer and whether colonoscopy is right for you. While patients do have many choices today when it comes to this type of treatment, one nutritionally focused clinic offers a more innovative approach to this and other similar medical treatment. The Institute of Plant-Based Medicine takes a lifestyle medicine approach to health it focuses on evidence based therapeutic concepts that embraces healthy lifestyle changes.

Those Who Have Struggled with Health Concerns for Many Years

From positive social connection to avoiding risky and unhealthy substances as well as the better management of stress along with restorative sleep and increased physical activity as well as a healthy diet can produce remarkable results for those who have struggled with health concerns for many years. The Institute takes a multi-specialty approach to health that includes combining plant-based nutrition with the advantages of evidence-based medicine to produce outstanding results for patients. By refraining from or completely stopping medication whenever possible, patients can then embrace a plant-based way of life along with lifestyle modifications to promote optimal health each day. To learn more, visit the Institute of Plant-Based Medicine online or call today.