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Why You Should Take A Daily Walk

Health Benefits of Taking a Daily Walk

Whether it’s waking up early for a brisk sunrise stroll, embarking on a midday lunch break walk, or ending your day with a sunset hike, walking is a fabulous way to maintain healthy weight and decrease body fat. Taking 30 minutes out of your day to go on a walk can improve your cardiovascular fitness, build up strength in your bones, and increase muscle endurance. 

Health Benefits of Walking

Recent studies have found that walking is better than a high intensity workout that involves weights and running on the treadmill since it targets the same flab. Not only does walking help with your physical appearance, but it also helps reduce your risk of developing severe chronic health conditions like heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cancers and depression. Instead of eating a box of chocolates because of stress, taking a walk can actually curb those unhealthy sweet tooth cravings and reduce stress. Walking also boosts your overall immune system and ensures that it is functioning at its ultimate prime. Walking improves your mental health because it helps reduce anxiety, depression and lightens your overall mood. Whether you decide to take a stroll early in the morning, during the afternoon or at night, walking is a time to clear your head, listen to the sounds of nature or put in headphones and listen to your favorite songs. Walking is known for releasing endorphins, promoting relaxation and stress-relief.

How to make walking part of your routine and more enjoyable:

1. Find a group of people to go on walks with. Join walking clubs, invite your family members and friends to join you.

2. Make a schedule and slowly start adding in more times to get a walk in.

3. Walk to exciting destinations. Walking to a coffee shop is a fun way to get your walking time in and have something to look forward to at the same time.

4. Walk a dog. There are apps like WAG, that allow you to make money while getting your steps in by walking a dog.

5. Listen to a podcast. Listening to a podcast allows you to motivate yourself and learn about topics you are interested in.

6. Buy new walking clothes and shoes. A new set of workout clothes and shoes can make all the difference when you are lacking motivation to get out of the house and go for a walk.