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Vegan vs Plant Based

We use the term "plant based", and

you might wonder if we mean

"vegan". There are important

distinctions between the two diets

that most people aren't aware of. To


understand the different health benefits

each provides we must know the specific


Veganism describes not only individuals

who do not eat any animal products, but

individuals who do not wear any animal

products or believe in using animals in

any way that inflicts harm. An important

distinction is that a vegan diet is not by

default healthy.

Those who eat a plant- based diet do not

necessarily avoid animal products in

their clothing, hygiene, and overall

products they use. They tend to opt for

unrefined foods and avoid the [processed

foods that many vegans eat. Whole- plant

foods are low in processed fat and are an

ideal way to prevent disease, get more fiber,

and ward off medical issues.

❞ Eating a whole- food, plant-based diet

affords the opportunity of optimal health for the mind, body, and- if one so chooses-spirit.

Vegan foods are different than Plant Based foods

Vegan food can be highly processed and

less nutritionally dense.

For example, cookies can be made vegan but

that doesn’t necessarily mean that cookies

are healthy. There is still plenty of sugar

and oil in cookies which make them

calorically rich and unhealthy. Another

example are potato chips which contain

potatoes but a lot of oil and salt. These

alternatives are vegan, but are processed

and are not always healthy.

Plant based foods contain whole food

ingredients, plus contain a lot of

vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals

which makes them more nutritious.

For example, a buddha bowl that includes

nuts,seeds, legumes, grains, and greens

would be considered plant based. There are

no ingredients in the bowl that have

undergone processing.

Some more examples of plant based options

include a vegan burger made with black

beans or lentils rather than red meat, served

with a high fiber bun rather than white bun.

For those pasta lovers, you can use chickpea

pasta which is high fiber and high in

protein with a healthy marinara sauce and

vegan meatballs made from soy products.

The best part of a plant based diet is the

health benefits. Eating whole food

ingredients increases your intake of fiber,

healthy proteins, and micronutrients,

including antioxidants and essential


All of these incredible micronutrients

support every single body system,

including your heart, brain, blood sugar,

digestion, and overall health. 

By contrast, a poor diet can have

devastating effects on health overall by

creating hormonal chaos and inflammation

in the body. Some of these include red meat,

dairy, sugar, processed foods, and foods

high in trans fats. 

Plants, Plants and More Plants