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The Benefits of Group Therapy

Participating in group therapy may seem intimidating for many, however participants are often left surprised at how valuable their experience can be. Group therapy usually involves one or more therapists who work with small groups of people. The participants all connect with similar issues they are looking to improve. 

Group therapies are meant to offer a space for individuals to be heard and understood by others that are going through similar situations. 

There are a variety of benefits that group therapy brings to those struggling with a mental health condition or tough life situations. 

To begin, group therapy helps you realize that you are not alone as the point of the session is recognizing that there are others who are experiencing similar emotions and circumstances. It has been said that through sharing and connecting, participants feel much more empowered and encouraged when participating. A group setting allows members to receive massive support that they typically need. 

November 15, 2023

Feelings of isolation and loneliness are more likely going to be reduced when you meet other people going through similar situations. Whereas, individual therapy does not involve personal experiences and others’ insights. Therefore, it is easier to feel alone and that nobody understands you and your struggles. 

Another benefit is that group therapy is a place to voice your thoughts and express true emotions that may be difficult to do on your own. When you are relating with other fellow members, it can help you articulate your feelings which can help build confidence in working towards positive change. 

In other words, listening to how other participants successfully overcame their challenges may be very encouraging. It is said that patients often push themselves more when they learn and see what others are doing. This is because you receive a wider range of perspectives of your situation which can help deal with certain problems better. 

Group settings can also help in improving social skills and interactions. The other members eventually become your new family as they are the ones giving you genuine feedback. They tend to be more realistic because they are able to relate and really understand you.

Especially for those struggling to speak up because of the fear of rejection or judgment, group therapy provides a safety net. It provides an opportunity for you to get used to feeling accepted by others and at the same time challenges yourself in making your needs known. 

This can bring motivation to step out of your comfort zone to speak up and even be helpful when trying to overcome social anxiety. In addition, when not in the group, you are more prone to feeling like you have people there to encourage you and can rely on others when you need emotional support.

Supporting others will help you become more patient with others but also yourself and your progress. It’s important to gain compassion when progressing through treatment as empathizing with other members can help you to acknowledge the progress you have made even if they are small accomplishments. 

Not only do you learn alot about others and their struggles, group therapy can help with understanding yourself better. Members may help in revealing “blind spots” that may be hindering your abilities to overcome obstacles. It is as if people are holding up mirrors around you to get you to see yourself through their eyes. 

The ultimate goal of therapy is to help you grow and in group therapy you get to learn more about yourself and others to overcome barriers. Leaning on others for validation may seem to be intimidating but practicing to be vulnerable with others and speaking about your struggles may be effective in contributing to healing. 

As we celebrate the therapeutic power of group dynamics, we're excited to announce that group therapy will soon become an integral part of our practice.

Keep a lookout for upcoming opportunities to join these transformative sessions and embark on your own journey towards healing and growth. Join us in exploring the profound impact of connection, empathy, and vulnerability, and witness the positive changes that group therapy can bring to your well-being.

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