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How to Stay Active

How to Stay Active

Written by: Sara Godfrey

Each day you wake up with a decision to sit around or go outside and get some sort of exercise in for the day. There are many different exercises people can choose from. Find something that you like to do that doesn't include standing in one place all day. 

Here are three factors to consider when deciding what exercise to do:
1. You actually want to do it.

2. It won't cause injury.       

3. It is sustainable.             

What options do I have?


If running is your preferred choice of workout, ensure you have a good pair of shoes and socks so that you can run without risking getting hurt or developing shin splints. Begin with small goals and use apps such as the Nike app that tracks your mileage and has training programs to build up endurance and strength. 


If biking or swimming is your desired exercise, you should find a local place that allows you to do these activities. For biking, all you need to do is grab a bike and a helmet and you can hit trails, ride in the street or through the hills. If you are into swimming, find a local community pool or go down to the ocean and swim some laps. A pair of goggles would make swimming more comfortable but are not required. Do each of these activities for at least 30 minutes and bring friends with you to make it more enjoyable.  


If walking is something you enjoy more than running, spend 30 minutes each day doing this form of exercise. Walking is known for reducing the risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, depression and more. Find a group of people to make your walks more enjoyable or listen to a good podcast while you get your steps in. 

Workout Classes

Pilates or taking group workout classes are an excellent way to get your daily exercise in. Pilates classes are intense and work many different muscles in your body. Group classes are a great way to work out with a community and encourage you to get your workout done.