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Diabetes and a Vegetarian diet

Diabetes is a major cause of morbidity and mortality in the United States.

Researchers have found that the key risk factors related to morbidity and chronic disability are poor diet, tobacco and alcohol use, high body mass index (BMI), high glucose levels, high blood pressure, and lack of exercise.

                                 *79 million people                                         have prediabetes  

                                 *18.8 million have                                            diabetes  

Lifestyle has become tied to a variety of unhealthy and overly indulgent sweet treats. Normalizing this way of eating has caused us to continue eating these nutrient deprived foods.

A plant-based diet offers an advantage in the prevention and management of diabetes. The biggest reason for this: vegan diets improve insulin sensitivity. Those with type 2 diabetes can decrease and even get off insulin.

❞ A plant-based diet changes someone's health for the better. 

Over 50% of insulin dependent type 2 diabetic men were able to stop using their insulin in as little as two weeks after following a strictly whole- food, low fat vegetarian diet.


If you show any signs of or symptoms of high blood sugar, or if you have been diagnosed with prediabetes do not take this lightly. In our opinion, there is either diabetes or no diabetes.

What is Prediabetes

Prediabetes is the result of insulin resistance, the pathophysiology of which is due to paralyzed glucose transporter in the muscle cells. Fat oxidation inside the muscle cells destroys these glucose transporters. As a result, insulin can’t bring the sugar inside the cell, which causes elevated levels of insulin and blood sugar.  

While continuing to eat meat and dairy that contains saturated fats- and refined sugars, the pancreas slowly burns out and can no longer produce insulin.   

Given all of this, it is no surprise that a plant- based diet has been widely heralded as the secret to antiaging and disease prevention. Many studies show that eating primarily a plant-based diet is crucial for good health and is particularly helpful in increasing longevity, preserving brain health and reducing cancer risk.

A plant-based diet will add years to your life and give you generous quantities of fiber to fuel your energy and support your digestion and immune system.

You will get plenty of plant powered proteins and nonheme (plant based) iron, you will get all of the micronutrients that support every single body system, including your heart, brain, blood sugar, digestion, and overall weight.

Plants, Plants and More Plants