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Benefits of Vitamin B12 and D3

The Benefits of 

Vitamin D3 & Vitamin B12

Written by: Amy Jade

There are many benefits of eating a plant-based diet, like keeping your heart and body healthy, preventing high blood pressure, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease, helping your body maintain a healthy weight, living longer, and feeling more energized. There are plenty of ways to add vitamin D3 and vitamin B12 to your diet and there are many proven benefits to eating these vitamins. Plant-based or not, everyone can benefit from consuming these vitamins. 

Consuming enough vitamin D will reduce your risk ofchronic disease, support stronger bones, improve brain and heart health, boost mood and energy, and strengthen immune systems.

Vitamin D3, or the ‘sunshine’ vitamin, is found in very few foods from nature. As a result, almost 50% of the global population, or an estimated 1 billion people, experiences vitamin D insufficiency. This is attributed to things like a lack of outdoor physical activity and environmental pollution that reduces exposure to sunlight. 

It is beneficial to take a vitamin D3 supplement, which the Institute of Plant-Based Medicine offers, along with enjoying sun exposure for 15 minutes a day. Benefits of vitamin D3 include helping fight off viral & respiratory infections like pneumonia, and helping build stronger muscles and better muscle function.

Vitamin B12 is linked to serotonin production so consuming more of it can lead to happier moods and more energy.

Vitamin B12 is an essential nutrient in the body that is correlated with the creation of DNA and healthy red blood cells and nourishes the brain and nervous system. Since most vitamin B12 occurs naturally in meat, fish, and dairy products, those on a plant-based diet can find it beneficial to take a supplement.

 Low levels of vitamin B12 contribute to brain deterioration which leads to dementia and memory loss. Consuming vitamin B12 can protect against the risk of breast and cervical cancers and cardiovascular disease. It has the ability to promote healthier nails, skin, and hair. Overall, vitamin B12 helps maintain a healthy body and heart. 

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