Simple, Personalized, Lifestyle Direct Primary Care

Dr. Melissa Mondala has over 5 years of experience in plant-based nutrition and disease prevention, and has experience treating a large range of chronic medical conditions. She emphasizes lifestyle modifications as the first-line solution for disease prevention, including changing to a plant-forward diet, increasing exercise, prioritizing emotional health, improving sleep, and reducing toxin exposure. She trained at Loma LInda University, a Blue Zone for longevity, and one of the largest FQHCs and in the biggest county in California, San Bernardino, where she served patients with complex chronic cases and utilized lifestyle medicine with everyone!.  She completed a clinical Lifestyle Medicine Fellowship to learn how to deliver plant-based nutrition in the sickest patients, and to partner with them effectively to stop smoking, sleep better, and eat to heal.  Lifestyle Medicine is simple and personalized. She has helped her patients get off medications for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, allergic rhinitis, migraines, acne chronic pain, IBS and other intestinal diseases. She has helped many quit smoking and get over their substance and food addictions.
Dr. Mondala has worked in various traditional settings and found that large health organizations limited her ability to provide quality care to patients because of their rushed appointments and a one-size fits all mandate to medicine. Expensive treatments and denied coverage often left her and her patients feeling discouraged about their experience of medicine.  She eventually realized that excellent medical care takes time and flexibility, and could be done with greater access to doctors and with less money spent: she realized the solution was Direct Primary Care.


The Institute of Plant Based Medicine’s Direct Primary Care model eliminates third-party for-profit insurance companies as the intermediary between you and your doctor, allowing us to offer superior healthcare that is affordable. It eliminates rushed appointments, hidden fees and excessive paperwork, and returns accessibility to your healthcare. With DPC, you can have confidence that your doctor is available when you need her, and will have time to talk through your concerns in a calm, stress-free environment. Your needs are addressed as they come rather than waiting weeks to months for an answer. You are able to tackle health care concerns immediately with a physician instead of talking to medical staff or a recording. At the Institute of Plant-based Medicine, we offer Direct Primary Care because it has been consistently shown to reduce hospitalizations by 75%, so that you don't end up needing urgent or emergency visits with long waits and large medical bills. Direct Primary Care significantly cuts the costs of pills and diagnostics by providing wholesale medications and at-cost labs and imaging. 


Making an appointment in a traditional healthcare setting is a chore: long wait times in crowded offices are the norm, if you can even get an appointment when you need it. With IOPBM, quality medical care is always available, FAST. You won’t wait five weeks for an appointment, and you won’t spend hours in a waiting room.


As a member of IOPBM, you’ll have access to doctors who have time to get to know you, your family, and your medical history well. You won’t be shuffled off to a different medical professional every visit, and you won’t be rushed out after a 15 minute appointment. We treat our patients with the same respect that we give our own family. 


IOPBM is the premier place to be seen by world-renowned providers and specialists with a united mission to provide evidence-based, plant-focused care. And there are no barriers to seeing a specialist; you are free to choose what provider you want to see, when you want them. IOPBM offers Gastroenterology, Cardiology, Rheumatology and Lifestyle Medicine, both in-office and virtually, as extensions of direct primary care services.  


We provide all-inclusive access to plant focused Registered Dietitians who are well versed in clinical nutritional science and practical day-to-day application. Our Dietitians offer nutritional recommendations for children, families, women’s health and those with specific gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, or other chronic diseases. From teaching you to cook healthier meals to managing your chronic disorders, our Registered Dietitians are available with evidence-based and environmentally conscious advise and strategies.


It’s not always possible to get to a provider’s office. Many of our doctors and dietitians offer convenient access to telemedicine throughout the United States, providing you the same level of care that you expect from an in-office visit. Whether you’re trying to squeeze a doctor’s visit into a busy day, vacationing abroad with your family, or simply want to see a doctor from the comfort of your own home, Telemedicine at IOPBM is there for you. 


We can communicate in a language you clearly and easily understand. We have excellent providers who speak: Spanish, Cantonese, Mandarin, Farsi


The US healthcare paradigm is highly reactive: it’s aim is to treat the sick and send them on their way. IOPBM aims to empower you on your health journey, keeping you out of the hospital and living a long, happy and active life. We understand that you are a whole person, and our physicians and dietitians aim to give you the tools to optimize every aspect of your lifestyle. We value you and your time, and want to see you succeed in your health journey. 


  • Unlimited office visits

  • Extended access through phone, email, text, and video chat  
  • Relaxed, extended appointments

  • Same-day or next-day appointment scheduling  

  • Monthly membership fee  

  • No copays  

  • Minimal or no wait time

Melissa Mondala, MD MHA  

“Giving the time and quality care that people deserve is my goal. IOPBM Direct Primary Care gives me the freedom to get to know people and their health concerns."